I am a woman who fails often but loves a perfect and holy God. I love His word and His incredible creation. I am married to my very best friend Dave and we have been blessed with five beautiful children who are a true means of sanctification. I continue to be encouraged, shaped and changed by the lessons taught by my living and loving God through Motherhood, and through His Holy Word. I pray you see and know God and trust the radical gift of His grace in your beautiful crazy life calling. I also pray that you are challenged and encouraged to take the risk and love others with a love like we have been loved. It’s so worth it.

It is truly astounding, the infinite grace that our infinite God pours down on the humble (James 4:6). I am learning that when there is law, there is grace and vice versa. As Bryan Chapell said “Grace becomes not only the means by which God once justified us, it is also the means by which we are continually encouraged and enabled to serve him with undiminished delight.” How true that is. Such FREEDOM to serve Him and obey to righteousness out of love through a grace driven effort. Something we are also teaching our children. Free to obey. May we be Mothers who are generation changers for His honor and glory!

that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever!
(Psalm 30:12 ESV)